Why you should be careful with your mouth - paradentosis

Published: 04th May 2011
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Health is extremely important and every person should keep that in mind. The fact is that almost every person is suffering from at least several things and must be very careful with them. There is no way for you to not face some of the diseases and especially the dental ones because we all have teeth and are trying to keep them healthy as long as possible.

People must take care of their mouth - the gums, the teeth, the breath, the smile and more. And indeed, in every stage of our life we face various dental problems. This does not mean, however, to overlook them and postpone, but to fight them and even better - to try to prevent them.

Paradentosis is the second worldly spread disease after caries. While years ago we could say that mostly people that were older than 30 years were suffering from periodontal disease, today the age limit is lowered and more frequent complaints are coming from the young people. Pregnant women, diabetics and people with incorrect bite usually develop this disease easily.

Paradentosis is caused mostly by poor oral hygiene and unhealthy lifestyle. Note that this is not only a dental disease - paradentosis is linked to the diseases of the circulatory, endocrine and nervous system. Therefore, in the treatment is involved not only one specialist but several, depending on what the infection is.

Paradentosis develops in several stages. Initially there is itching, burning, redness and tingling of the gums. Due to this factors the gums swell and pus is collected so it is likely for you to begin to bleed. Bad breath is a bonus to the periodontal disease and recurrent abscesses are as well. Inflammation of the gums and also bacteria in the mouth can lead to inflammation of the lymph nodes. In an advanced stage the teeth outcrop at the base due to atrophy of the end of the gum. There are formed the so-called pockets due to which the gum is detached from the wall edge of the tooth. In these pockets fall many organisms and they form tartar and for that reason a prolonged inflammatory process starts and spreads deeper and affects the bones. If you don’t take action in time the teeth is likely to fall.

Problems with teeth usually lead to problems with the digestive system, moreover, to heart, kidney, liver and other organs.

Main causes of this disease are tartar, poorly sealable stoppings or prosthesis, vitamin deficiency, poor dental hygiene, unhealthy lifestyle, poorly ordered teeth and the presence of too much space between them. Once the disease starts to develop it is recommended to take action as for the advanced stages it is likely impossible to be done. And remember – keep a good level of oral hygiene.

The word for paradentosis and toothpaste in Danish is Paradentose og tandpasta and if you want to find out what the best toothpaste for prevention of that mouth disease is, visit this Danish website. It can be translated with Google Translate. To see what the different mouth diseases that ciggarettes cause are, read this very interesting article.

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